Orange juice


Orange juice is one of the most popular fruit juices, not just in Germany but also worldwide. The industry is very lucrative, the raw commodity orange juice is traded on the stock market. But the conditions of manufacture are cruel. On the orange plantations in Brazil, where 80% of the world's traded juice comes from, workers only earn 10 € a day and only if they manage to pick two tonnes of oranges. This is a starvation wage even for Brazil.

Workers are hired in the particularly poor regions in the northeast and they usually have to pay for the journey themselves. Oranges are grown under extreme use of pesticides, yet workers are not provided with protective clothing. Up to 20 people have to share a room in a barrack, the sanitary facilities violate hygiene regulations and there are almost no periods of rest - in one working month, there is only one day off.

Who receives the money?

We support players in Brazil and Germany who are committed to improving working conditions along the Orange juice supply chain. With their work they raise awareness for grievances, encourage corporations and politicians to respect labor rights, and support local partners in their commitment for a decent living and working conditions on the plantations.

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