The cocoa tree was brought to West Africa from South America by the European colonial rulers in the 19th century to meet the increasing demand for the treat in Europe. Only a few decades later the colonies in West Africa had become the leading production areas for cocoa, and today two-third of global cocoa come from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.

The world market price for cocoa is subject to strong fluctuations and is artificially controlled by the market power of the large chocolate companies. The existence of the peasants who grow cocoa, mostly on very small farms, is thereby threatened. Their average earnings are less than 1 € per day. Because cocoa cultivation is so unprofitable, the peasant farmer often can not pay the legal minimum wage, which is why again and again they fall back on child labor. In Invory Coast and Ghana almost two million children work under exploitative conditions on cocoa farms and the trend is rising.

Who receives the money?.

GAWU (General Agricultural Workers Union) has the mandate to organize agricultural workers both in the formal and the informal sector to champion their social, economic and political freedom. Their vision is to unite agricultural workers for agricultural development, to secure, protect and defend the rights and interest of agricultural workers for enhanced livelihood and to build Ghana as a country where food is secured, where workers easily enjoy safe, secure and working conditions in unity, well educated and free from poverty and oppression. They strive to achieve their objectives through different programmes like the Rights in Work Programme, the Training and Education Programme and the Policy and Advocacy Campaign Programme.

I am going to snatch this:

  • Orange Juice

  • Tea

  • Coffee

  • Chocolate

  • Flowers

  • Tomatoes

  • Wine

  • Bananas

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