With an 80% share Ecuador is the world champion in global banana export who also supplies German supermarkets with the commodity. Unfortunately the added value along the chain of production is as crooked as the fruit itself.

The Bananas are harvested while still green, sorted, cleaned and packen while they are still green. The travel overseas by ship, where they are being left to ripe before they are finally sent to the shelvesof our retailers.

Over the past two decades German global players gained more and more influence on the banana production in it‘s countries of origin. The fall in prices mainly affected the producers and workers whereas the retailers‘ share of added value increased and german consumers did not realize a thing.

That is because the price is payed by somebody else: workers are continuosly exposed to pesticides that are being sprayed onto the fields without a proper warning. Very often they earn less than the minimum wage and do not have any social insurance. Thus it makes sense that setting up unions is not welcome and even being opressed, members are threatened to loose their jobs.

Who receives the money?

The money goes to an Ecuadorian union of plantation workers in the banana sector. The union has set itself the goal of organizing the 200 000 workers in Ecuador and to be accepted by the companies as equal negotiating partners. Since 2014 they are fighting for better working, social and health conditions - with the strongest resistance. Discount retailers do not keep their promises to improve the human rights situation, union members are prosecuted and put under pressure, and agreed rules are disregarded. To protect the organization from repression, we can not mention it here by name.

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