Supermarkets are stealing – and we striked back.

The Big Four of German discount stores Lidl, Edeka, Aldi and Rewe steal from their producers on a daily basis by preventing unions, paying pittances and promoting violations of human rights. As long as the legal situation does not change, it will stay that way. This is why for one motnh we reversed the exploitation. We were deliberately snatching products and donating money to where it belongs: to unions in the global south.

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Why is Germany snatching?

Germany is snatching. Discounters are leading a price competition for the cheapest food and to do so they steal the dignity of the people who produce the goods. They have them produce under inhumane working conditions and have people suffer because of us. So that we as concumers can do our groceries conveniently.

Germany is snatching. The most important accomplice of Rewe, Aldi, Edeka and Lidl is the German government. It refuses to enact laws to protect the human rights of the producers and hold discounters accountable.

Germany is snatching. We too are accomplices. Because every time we buy the products of the discounters, we also become guilty as consumers. We are innocently guilty because we do not have a choice. We can go for the fair trade solution with a few products. But that shows us above all that the vast majority of our consumer goods, in the words of the UN, are based on modern slavery.

That's why we were snatching the right way. For the rights of the people who produce our food. The money that we save will be given to unions and organizations that work for the rights of producers.

Because what the government is doing here is not enough. The National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights relies on self-commitment by companies and remains to be non-binding. While the plan identifies the responsibility of the companies, it does not oblige them to improve production conditions. Accordingly, everything is fine if only half of all the companies do not respect human rights and the other half can report a few steps they take to improve the situation - or explain why they do not comply. Great.

Therefore, we trample all over the constitutional state until it does its job. We have to be able to sue companies in Germany if they offer us products for which other people pay with their basic human rights. A corresponding bill already exists. But there is no willingness to implement it. This is also a chance to fight the causes of flight in those causes' country of origin, in Germany.

That is why Germany is snatching.

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